In its “hay” day, this beautiful farm was bustling with thoroughbred horses.  Now it is the perfect location for your group to step out of the stress of everyday life and GET REAL.

My name is Theresa Sherwood.  It is my pleasure to welcome you and your group to our family farm; a picturesque peaceful property in the rolling hills of King Township.

My father Phil Sherwood built the house and barn in 1962.  Both he and my mother May, shared a love of horses, which turned into a lifelong hobby for both of them.  Although we no longer have horses on the property, the passion lives on.

The seed for a Retreat Venue was planted with my participation in a family business group.  With this group, I attended many annual retreats in various locations including Sherwood Farm.  It was inspiring and rejuvenating to get out of daily routines and participate in various activities.  When my father passed in 2016 I inherited the farm and knew I couldn’t part with it.  The concept of having a Retreat became a reality.  Being able to provide a setting where others can feel at home and have an opportunity to reflect, grow or simply get away is exhilarating for me. I am truly passionate about sharing this beautiful place.

The farm has a charm that is difficult to describe without seeing it.  Call or email to arrange a visit to see what we’re up to and how you might make use of our space to relax, recharge or reconnect.

We have a variety of rooms in the Georgian home, a large hayloft with divided studio space as well as 70 acres of room to move outdoors.  Please view our facilities page for more information.

Strider and Theresa
Theresa Sherwood, Owner Sherwood Farm Event Venue & Retreat

Theresa Sherwood, Owner Sherwood Farm Event Venue & Retreat

outdoor space for retreats and team building


The property is ideal for yoga retreats, art sessions, team building, coaching workshops or any small group event where a natural setting will enrich the experience and help participants.