Saturday April 4, 2020           9am- 4pm

Join Terri and Deb, certified professional coaches at MacLean Sewell Coaching and a group of wonderful, interesting women just like you at this one day exclusive retreat.  Get ready to break down barriers and be inspired!  We will coach you through fun deep dive conversations that will allow you to get a new perspective, clear the fog, get support, write your story and get moving.

Who are we?
Terri MacLean practiced law, was a leader in the insurance industry and raised 4 terrific boys.
Deb Sewell was a teacher, administrator and leader in education and raised 2 brilliant girls.

Together, we work with people who wish to become better leaders or are in transitional phases, helping them to unearth their passion, purpose and joy.

Benefits of working with MSC

  • Feeling lost and stuck? We help you clear the fog.
  • Getting in your own way? We help you break barriers.
  • Need to stay focused? We help you stay accountable.
  • Searching for your next steps? We help you succeed.

Follow this link for more info and registration