We work with you to help arrange the perfect event.

We can provide:

  • References for planning your retreat including caterers, practitioners, local attractions,etc.
  • On-site assistance to facilitate workshop needs
  • Coordination of executive trailer washrooms if necessary


Why would you spend the day at Sherwood Farm?

  • Just “be” in a natural setting
  • Learn something unique
  • Escape from your daily grind
  • Re-focus
  • Create something with your own hands
  • Put your phone down!
  • Reconnect with your friends
  • Meet new friends while doing something you all enjoy
  • Discover something new that you enjoy
  • Try something you’ve always wanted to try
  • It is close to the city and you are going against traffic!

Inquire about Sherwood Farm

Private event venue
Winter entrance to event venue
Private fall setting for group events